Watch Finder Service


You will notice our site is not full of hundreds of average quality watches for sale, we have a select number of key quality pieces available for our customers enjoyment. Should the watch you are looking for not be available on the site please use the ‘contact us’ key or call us to discuss your requirements.

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Over the last 15 years we have helped collectors and investors source rare and desirable watches, this could be as simple as sourcing a specific birth year watch or as challenging as finding a rare prototype. Our network of contacts around the world means we can meet your individual needs.

Sourcing Vintage time pieces, watches

Investing in vintage watches requires a knowledge and understanding of both the market place and the details of individual timepieces, years of experience have enabled us to not only source the best examples on the market but understand the intricacies between models, years, and even in some cases months of production, which can affect values significantly.