Very rare 1930’s Lemania calibre 13CH ‘3 colour dial’ Chronograph

24 Jun 2015 | Latest News

New to the Retromega stable this week is a very rare T3 Lemania cal 13CH chronograph.  The watch is identical to the Omega calibre 28.9 Chronograph which we featured in our Wikipeida article; Omega 28.9 Chronograph.

These are very rare and special watches; they represented (for Omega) the first small wrist chronograph produced by the company and were manufactured for Omega by Lemania when they joined the SSIH group.

The calibre 13CH was introduced in 1932 and ran until approximately 1943, we think this example dates to around 1939. The watch is a one-owner example, bought from the estate of a doctor who served the small market town of Louth for over 40 years.  It was in completely original condition, a few small wear marks on the case and in need of a movement overhaul but never tampered with in over 60 years.

The watch is now in pristine condition having been fully overhauled by one of our trusted service partners, this work has included the re-plating of the brass/nickel middle case and the complete overhaul of the original 13CH movement. Every single part of the watch is original, including the crown and pushers and the three-colour dial has aged to a beautiful patina and has never been restored.

Very rare 1930’s Lemania calibre 13CH ‘3 colour dial’ Chronograph