One off Omega calibre 28.9 Chronograph drivers prototype

06 Sep 2015 | Events

A new arrival to Retromega and a recent addition to our sale corner is one of the rarest and most unique Omegas ever made. We purchased the watch from the son of the second owner who was given the watch for his 21st birthday by his father who was an amateur French racing driver. The previous owner, now in his 70’s himself, recalls the watch attracting ‘many admiring glances from the ladies’ and we can see why.

It’s always nice that a watch has a story but this one really is a unique story. The watch is an Omega calibre 28.9 Chronograph, which is extremely rare in itself. They were the first Omega ‘small’ wrist chronographs produced by Omega between the early 1930’s and early 1940’s. They came in numerous executions with a range of dials and in either precious metal or stainless steel.

Onto our watch, what makes this watch unique, even by the standard of one of Omega’s rarest production chronographs, is the dial. The configuration of the dial is a drivers watch designed to be worn under the wrist. According to our research with the museum the dials were made as prototypes original intended for a small fob chronograph which never went in to production and they can only assume this was a special order from the factory.

It is the only one of it kind known to exist, not even the museum have an example. We are delighted to add it to our collection and offer it for sale via our website

One off Omega calibre 28.9 Chronograph drivers prototype