Omega prototype: the first ever Megaquartz prototype ‘series 0′

22 Jun 2015 | Events

A recent arrival to the retromega stable, this is something quite special simply because it’s Omega’s first ever prototype of a Megaquartz 32khz (Omega’s first in-house Quartz movement).

The watch dates to 1970, it is one of a series of 14 prototypes made to test the case design and movement design of the Megaquartz 32khz movement.

The eagle eyed amongst our followers who know their Omegas will note that the case is remarkably similar to the f300, although larger and with the integrated pusher for adjusting seconds and date!  The movement is a complete prototype unit and the dial is branded Electroquartz not Megaquartz.

The movement is hand engraved and the case back stamped 1310 ‘series 0′, which was the first test run prior to any public testing or display of the MQ range. The movement is a pre-production module with different motor unit and circuit, the movement also lacks a serial number but is hand engraved with the number 12.

It’s keeping second accurate time and frankly we are thrilled to have secured it, it is a very special watch.

Omega prototype: the first ever Megaquartz prototype ‘series 0′