Omega ‘De-Ville’ F300 Chronometer

14 Oct 2015 | Events

This is a real beauty and a very rare piece, the Omega F300 line as introduced in the early 1970’s, using a tuning fork chronometer movement licensed to Omega by the Bulova watch company. The watches were an instant hit for Omega, they were priced towards the top end of their product line and the company produced an extensive range of cases and designs, including the first Chronometer Chronograph, the Speedsonic.

The F300 movement uses a tuning fork system which vibrates at 300Hz (hence the F300 designation) and this calibre 1250 is as good as they come. The movement is a work of art and really is as equally beautiful to behold as the watch itself. The watch has a sweeping second hand and hums (hence the nickname ‘hummer’), they have┬áchronometer grade movements and even to this day this beauty is operating within the original chronometer specifications.

This De Ville example is special for two reasons, firstly because it is a very rare model made for less than a year towards the end of the F300 range in 1976 and secondly because it is completely brand new and unworn and comes with the original box and papers.

It is amazing that these watches survive nearly 40 years on in completely unworn condition and we are delighted that we can add this one to our line up.



Omega ‘De-Ville’ F300 Chronometer