Omega Constellation 18 carat gold Pie Pan, Dennison made in the UK

24 Oct 2015 | Events

This is in many collectors eyes the ultimate in Omega dress watches. The Constellation line was launched in 1952 as the companies flag ship range of Chronometers and run even today. The heyday of the Constellation and probably the most well know amongst collectors is the famous ‘Pie Pan’, nicknamed this due to the dial, which resembled and old Pie making tin.

This example is a superb piece, it dates to May 1965 and is for us the ultimate combination with an 18 carat solid gold case with matching 18 carat dial. The movement in these is equal in beauty to the watch itself, all this series of Dennison used Omega non quick date calibre 561 chronometer grade movement. This watch retailed for £145 in the mid 1960’s when comparatively the weekly wage was around £8.

What makes this one so special is that it is very close to new condition, it appears never to have been refinished. The watch is also special because it is one of the famous 100 000 and the case was manufactured not in Switzerland but right here in Great Britain.

The case is made by UK based Dennison who many people rate and one of the best watch case manufacturers in the world. There was no expenses spared by Dennison on these 18 carat Constellations and the quality is not only apparent in the manufacture of the case but also the sheer weight, which is substantial.

Omega Constellation 18 carat gold Pie Pan, Dennison made in the UK